There are many Indonesian children who do not have the opportunity to study and use their potentials. Here are things that you can do in order to help them, students in SLH to make a better future. Each donation will mean a lot and will be used for their learning benefits. Small things, in every way they are, will make small but certain changes.


Thus, we encourage you to take part in this program.


You can help these little people around Indonesia by supporting them financially through our Foster Parent Program, book donations, and/or uniform donations. These donations will go hand in hand with us through Corporate Social Responsibility cooperation in school projects donation and school equipments and many other possibilities.








The improvement of a nation should begin with a comprehensive education for every child.


Let's work together to provide facilities and infrastructure learning for Indonesian children. In this program, you will be able to foster a student (or more) in one of our 26 SLH branches. The commitment you need to take is only one year, however, you are welcome to continue this program until your foster child passes the school. In the future years, we commit to build many more schools for TK-SMA (primary to high school) education throughout the rural, economically-challenged areas of Indonesia.


If you choose to join and have already transferred to SLH Head Office, you will send you a profile of your foster child/student. We will also send you their term report as well as an introduction and thank you later via post mail. We will also send Lentera News, our newsletter to keep you up to date with the events around our units.


Download your registration form here:



If you have previously enrolled in our program and would like to participate once more, you can download your continuation form here:

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Clothing is the first step of building a character


Coming to school with a fresh appearance and clean uniform is a form of good habit and discipline that Sekolah Lentera Harapan would like the students to cultivate. Therefore, every student is required to wear school uniform when they come to school everyday.


But school uniform is something not affordable for many of them. Just like many unfortunate students in rural areas of Indonesia, they often come to school looking shabby. Your donation is highly appreciated and will be used to buy them the uniform needed that will help the development of a good habit for students in the rural areas of Indonesia.


Your donation starts at Rp 450,000.- for 3 sets of uniform for 1 student.



Dowload your registration form here:

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Books are windows of the world and of the soul, a timeless source of knowledge.


Unfortunately, our friends at Sekolah Lentera Harapan do not have the chance to enjoy books as complete ours. Most need our help to get the text books they need, regardless of books that are essential for their lesson in class every day.


Through BOOKS FOR SLH program, you can help 9.707 SLH students in Lampung, Medan, Nias, Curug, Koja, Tomohon,Sangihe, Toraja, Palopo, Ambon, Kupang,Rote, Labuan bajo and Papua to maximize their learning process.


Your donation will be used to buy text books for students, or you can also provide quality books for libraries in SLH schools throughout the country. Every donation given is a stepping stone for their future.


Rp 300.000,- To support text books for 1 SLH student

Rp 500.000,- To support text books for 1 SLH student and 4 books for library collection


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