Education is a fundamental right for children.


Education and national development are two inseparable concept. Without a quality education, a nation would not grow to its full potential. The key of development are children of the country, the seeds of future leaders that is yet to grow. Thus it is essential to improve a developing nation through qualified education; whether in cities, or rural areas.


Our situation does not provide support to give children the opportunity to receive a decent education. Statistics from Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional 2009 (Population Agency and National Family Planning) indicates the number of approximately 13,685,324 children in Indonesia, do not have the opportunity to obtain an adequate literacy.




We believe the improvement of a nation should begin with a comprehensive education for every child.


Sekolah Lentera Harapan (SLH) is designed to provide a high quality education for less fortunate people by applying an integrated and balanced transformational education through knowledge, faith and character. Implementing various educational approaches with qualified education and support whilst reliving the vision of our founders, we strive to help and serve children who dream to be in school. With this, we hope we could nurture the seed of the future leaders in these children who are entrusted to us, by God.


Currently, there are 17 SLH schools with 9,707 students established in Lampung to Papua, with 815 Kindergarten students, 4,319 Primary students, 2,682 Junior High students and 1,891 Senior High students. Yet we are committed to keep developing and see SLH established all over Indonesia.